The 4 Statutes of Cautious Duhajok:

Keep the beer in the refrigerator, preferably at the recommended temperature indicated on the product.
Beer needs to be taken care of even when you leave the factory gates. The best way to preserve its quality is to look for a place for it in your fridge right after the purchase. You should also put it in if you plan to consume it only in weeks or months. You don't leave milk outside at room temperature either, do you ?! Think of your beer the same way. If you want to preserve its taste and avoid oxidation, store it at the temperature indicated on the product until it is time to take a sip.
Protect beers from sunlight!
UV radiation can trigger chemical reactions in your favorite beverage that can affect your taste experience. Don't put it on the light! Then you go out with him to the day you drink.
Store the beer in an upright position.
Simple physics: your beer comes in contact with the least amount of air when you are standing still. And less air leads to less oxidation. Bingo! So put it set in the fridge and keep its quality going.
Before consuming unfiltered beers like IPA, APA, or Wheat, rotate it a bit.
Roll it on the table or bang the bottom. This is important to remix any settled yeast with the beer. so it will always be equally full and juicy.
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